Upcoming Event

Services for Children

  • All Kids Health Insurance Registration (bring two consecutive pay stubs)
  • Immunizations (must bring child’s records)
  • Autism Information and Special Activities
  • Dental Information & Screening
  • KidCare Identification Program
  • Asthma Activities
  • Science Activities
  • Nutrition Activities
  • Exercise Activities for Children
  • Special Entertainment
  • Giveaways and Raffles for Children
  • Register and pick up your Family Health Passport Program. Parents and their children can visit the mobiles and exhibitors to learn about their services and they will place a sticker on your Health Passport. Once all completed, parents and children can pick up the children’s free school back packs with school supplies.

Services for Adults

  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Cholesterol and Diabetes Screenings (12 hours of fasting before taking the test)
  • Asthma Screening and Information
  • Foot Care Education
  • STD’s and HIV Screening
  • Kidney Education & Disease Prevention
  • Women’s Health Counseling and Resources
  • Registration for Health Insurance (All Kids, FamilyCare and Mom and Babies for Children, Parents & Expectant Women: bring two consecutive pay stubs/ proof of pregnancy from your doctor)
  • Chiropractic and Exercises for All
  • Health and Social Services Resources
  • Resources for Seniors
  • Dialysis and Healthy Eating Education
  • Resources for Health and Social Services
  • Giveaways for all family members